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What is Tome?

Tome Student Literacy Society (Tome Society) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Georgia. Tome Society serves students in grades 2-12 by providing a diverse menu of digital student competitions; an annual book award list of new, clean, fun-to-read children's and young adult literature titles; student book club activities; curriculum materials for educators; and the TomeCon annual conference for both students and educators. All activities promote self-esteem, leadership skills, character ethics, and nurture critical thinking, creativity, and imagination in the digital age.**Info from

What competitions can I compete in?

Fall Competition

- It List Book Trailer
- It List Book Review Blog Article
- It List Promotional Book Flyer
- It List Fan Art
- It List Poem
- It List Book Review Vlog (Individual or Partner)
- Infographic (Individual or Partner Nonfiction event)
- Student Book Choice Character to Author Letter

Spring Competition

- It List Book Talk
- It List Fan Fiction
- NEW! It List "Like-Try-Why"
- Book Print Video
- Theme Essay (20-21 Theme: Take The Risk)
- Library Video Commercial (Team Event)
- Current Issues Portfolio & Presentation (Team Nonfiction Event)
- Student Book Choice Digital Graphic Cover Redesign
- Student Book Choice Historical Fiction Infographic
- Chapter Service Project Newsletter (Chapter Event)
- Chapter of the Year 2020-21
- Tome Service Award (multiple entries allowed)

Competition Examples

Curious to see what exactly some of these competitions are? Click the Exemplars link below to view great examples of some of the above items.  This is the perfect place to help give you ideas about what you need to do on your project in order to win!